Alvi Satellites has been awarded the Dealer of The Year  for 2016 By AT&T Entertainment Group (formerly Directv )  and HBO. Alvi Specializes in cost effective HD programming services for your property . It has been in the business since 2004 and has installed over 15,000 rooms in the hospitality industry with TV programming. 

Alvi is a family owned business which believes in giving the best experience to the property not only with Directv's unmatched Hd programming in sports and channel choices but also giving the required customer services as needed. Alvi installs Directv solutions for new builds as well existing construction. We offer great packages for new customers as well as existing Directv customers who have old systems. the newest packages give over 100 channels in HD and do not require  TVs to be pro idiom encrypted. We offer in receiver  system or Rack systems for Hotels, motels, Assisted living, hospitals and university  dormitories . 



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